Pattaya tourists arrested for skinny dipping

The couple may not have realised they were splashing around in raw sewage.

Pattaya police have arrest two foreign tourists after they were caught on CCTV camera enjoying themselves late night skinny dipping.

Cops rushed to the area of Pattaya Beach after two foreign looking tourists were seen larking about in the sea, stark naked.

Arresting officers told reporters the pair appeared to be drunk.

The area they were caught splashing around in is close to the part of the beach declared last week to be an environmental disaster zone after it was revealed that raw waste sewage is being pumped into the sea at South Pattaya.

During the daylight they might have noticed as Pattaya Bay is a sea of murky brown these days.

The nationality of the couple has not been revealed although they were taken to Pattaya Police Station and charged with public indecency.

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However, once they sober up and discover they have been swimming naked in raw sewage they may feel they have already been punished enough. – BangkokJack News Team

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