Thai woman stamped to death over land dispute

Camera footage shows a wigged man in the home of a 66-year-old woman found murdered in Surat Thani on Thursday. (File photo by Supapong Chaolan)

A man wearing a curly wig who was captured on surveillance cameras stomping a creditor to death at her house in Muang district over a land dispute on Thursday has been arrested.

Suparb Khongkaset, 48, of Surat Thani’s Phunphin district, was nabbed in Ban Na Doem district of this southern province on Friday after fleeing on Thursday afternoon, said Pol Maj Gen Apichart Boonsrirote, chief of Surat Thani police.

The suspect was wanted on an arrest warrant issued by Surat Thani court on first-degree murder charges.

Police obtained solid evidence on Friday to implicate him in the killing of Nantha Chanthana, 66, at the woman’s house in Surat Thani municipality, said Pol Maj Gen Apichart.

The suspect was escorted by a village head in tambon Khao Huakwai of Phunphin district, to surrender in nearby Ban Na Doem district, Thai media reported.

Footage of security cameras from Mrs Nantha’s house on Tad  Mai Nai Luek Road showed a man, wearing a long wig and maternity clothing, stomping her to death before leaving on Thursday afternoon.

Other people found Nantha’s body on Thursday evening. Her hands were tied behind her back with a rope and her legs were fastened with a blanket and a towel. Another blanket was tied around her neck and mouth.

The image of the man in the camera footage matched Mr Suparb.

Pol Maj Gen Apichart said the suspect initially denied the charges. Police believed the murder was motivated by a dispute over a land plot.

Media earlier reported that the suspect had earlier been convicted of fraud and murder in Kapong district of Phangnga province.

After being released from jail, he learned that his elder sister and brother-in-law had mortgaged his 9-rai plot to Nantha, who refused to return it when the couple wanted to repay the loan.

Camera footage shows the murder suspect removing the wig.  (File photo by Supapong Chaolan)

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