German ex-pat confesses to murder in Thailand

Picha Nampadung had been missing since july 1st

German expat Nico Papke today confessed to killing his girlfriend Pischa ‘Lek” Nampadung, a 35-year-old beautician from Rawai whose body was found wrapped in blankets and dumped in the Phuket jungle on July 9.

The confession came on Tuesday (July 18) at Chalong Police Station, after Papke had been escorted under armed guard from Vachira Phuket Hospital, where the German had been recovering after he tried to slash his own throat with a box cutter when police moved in to arrest him on July 9.

Papke, a 35-year-old fitness instructor, initially denied the accusation on July 10 when police notified him that he was under arrest for the murder of Pischa while Papke still lay in his hospital bed.

Police then charged Papke for murder and concealing Ms Pischa’s body last Wednesday (July 11) while he remained in hospital.

Wearing a black T-shirt with grey tracksuit bottoms, Papke today was led into the police station still handcuffed and under guard by three police officers.

Sullen and quiet, the German was questioned by Phuket Provincial Police Deputy Commander Col Witoon Kongsudjai and Lt Chanat Hongsittichaikul of the Chalong Police, who is leading the investigation.

A lawyer provided by the German embassy and an interpreter were present to assist Papke in answering questions.

“Papke confessed that he kill ‘Lek’,” Lt Chanat confirmed to The Phuket News.

“He cried,” Lt Chanat added.

After the initial questioning, police this afternoon escorted Papke to the house in Rawai that he rented, where Papke killed Ms Pischa, reported police.

Leading the foray was Chalong Police Chief Col Prachum Rueanthong along with Lt Col Suchart Singha and other officers of the Chalong Police.

Papke was then escorted to the site in Wichit where Ms Pischa’s body was found.

Papke, a 35-year-old fitness instructor, initially denied the accusation

Police have yet to disclose how Ms Pischa was murdered or explain why there were blood stains on the mattress in her rented room in Chalong.

Forensic police called in to assist the investigation last week found blood stains in Papke’s rented car and sent samples for DNA testing as evidence.

Papke is to be held in the cells at Phuket Provincial Court until he is called to face the charges in court. – Phuket News

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