Bar girl murder in Thailand, suspect claims ‘no motive’

Warisara Klinju’s mutilated body found in Khon Kaen Province, northern Thailand

A suspect in the much-publicised, brutal murder and dismemberment of a karaoke-bar worker is preparing to fight the serious charges against her.

Apiwan Satabundit is charged with pre-meditated murder, destroying the body of the victim, Warisara Klinjui, to cover up the crime, and taking the victim’s belongings.

But Apiwan has denied killing Warisara and admitted to just being present at the crime scene alongside self-confessed murderer Priyanuch Nonwangchai.

“There was no motive for Apiwan to kill the victim,” lawyer Boonyong Kaewfainok said yesterday.

Recruited by Apiwan’s father, Boonyong is preparing to represent Apiwan in court.

The lawyer gave an interview after talking to Apiwan for about one hour at Khon Kaen Prison, where she has been locked up pending trial.

“Although Apiwan is close to Priyanuch, there is still no reason for her to murder Warisara,” Boonyong said. “She didn’t even hit the victim.”

Apiwan’s father, Somsak Sattayabundit, said his daughter had not plotted to kill Warisara and neither had she played a role in the fatal assault.

“I am not going to say that she is innocent because she was at the crime,” Somsak said. But, he added, she had no motive to commit murder.

The shocking crime took place in Khon Kaen province in May. After it became big news, Apiwan, Priyanucha and another suspect fled to Myanmar. However, they later turned themselves in.

Of the several suspects implicated in the crime, only Priyanuch has confessed to the killing. – The Nation

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