Video: Viet woman fights traffic cop

The woman curses at the traffic police officer in this still image taken from the video.

A Vietnamese woman has been filmed insulting a traffic police officer and attempting to beat him in two videos that surfaced on Facebook on Monday, sparking widespread outrage.

The footage, posted by Huynh Nguyen Dieu Hanh on her Facebook page, shows the woman yelling angrily at the young police officer while her car remains parked in the middle of the street, blocking traffic.

In the video, the female driver insists that the officer apologize to her for using his club on her car, and demands to see his badge.

The woman also repeatedly curses at the policeman and even grabs his shirt in an apparent attempt to assault him.

Bystanders can be heard in the video criticizing the behavior of the woman, who had clearly violated traffic law by driving in the wrong lane.

Some sources said the woman ended up attacking the person who was filming her, but was eventually struck back.

Later the same day, the head of the Hang Xanh traffic police unit in Binh Thanh District confirmed to Tuoi Tre Online that the incident had occurred near the Ung Van Khiem – Nguyen Xi intersection at around 6:00 pm.

Officers were moderating traffic when they saw a car cross lanes and raised their sticks to signal the driver to pull over. The club slightly struck the car door, causing the woman to jump out of her car immediately and start remonstrating with the officers.

The woman was later taken to the Ward 25 police station in Binh Thanh for questioning.

After receiving more than 10 million views on the two videos, Hanh told her Facebook followers on Tuesday morning that the case had been settled.

“Last night the woman worked with the Binh Thanh traffic police (she went there with four of her children) and apologized to the police officer and was given a civil fine,” Hanh wrote. – Tuou Tre News

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