Cowardly, spineless ISIS scum escape dressed as girls

Only cowardly runts join ISIS

Reports are emerging that the once feared, brave and brutal fighters of the Islamic State are fleeing Mosul, now that real soldiers have turned up, dressed as women.

The followers of Mohammed have began discarding their rifles and suicide vests and are trying to mingle with the women by wearing burkas, dresses and veils.

Photographs are appearing online of jihadists scurrying away like vermin as Iraqi troops moved in to clear the city.

The men of Islam clearly feel it is not such a great idea to stand and fight to the death after all. Dressing up as girls and mincing away instead seems a far safer option.

An Iraqi news organization, Al Sumaria, reported that ISIS has been evacuating the wives of the leaders of ISIS.  These man may have been attempting to disguise themselves while evacuating with these women.

Under Sharia law, which ISIS partially adheres to, women are prevented from fighting.

Jihadists are believed to be terrified of being killed by a female because they think it will stop them getting their 72 virgins in heaven.

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Yesterday it was reported that ISIS scum had begun executing the families of fighters in fear of them tipping off security forces as to who has been involved in what during the three-year Siege of Mosul.

Thousands of fleeing ladyboys are attempting to make their way back to Europe where they can regroup and begin further assaults across the continent.

-Albert Jack

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