Vietnamese man choked to death by raincoat caught in motorbike wheel

Part of the victim's raincoat is stuck in his motorbike wheel. Photo by VnExpress/Khanh Huong

A motorbike driver in Lam Dong Province was choked to death by the raincoat he was wearing when it became caught in his rear wheel on Sunday night in Vietnam’s Central Highlands.

He appears to have lost control of the bike in heavy rain and crashed on a quiet road where there was no-one to help him.

Police said 67-year-old Phan Tan Vu had been driving down a hill in a heavy downpour when the accident happened.

He appears to have lost control and crashed with the raincoat stuck in the wheel.

Suffocation has been named as the direct cause of death, and investigators added that the road was empty at the time so there was no-one on hand to help him.

Last year, Scottish judo champion Stephanie Inglis suffered serious injuries in a similar road accident in Vietnam. She was sitting on the back of a motorbike taxi when her long dress got caught in the wheel and she fell off.

She received extensive treatment in Bangkok and is set to return to competition at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. – VNExpress

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