Video: Neighbour saves 4-year-old dangling by her head from 4th floor balcony

The incident, which occurred in Fujian's Fuzhou city, drew praise from netizens for the neighbour's efforts.PHOTOS: SCREENGRAB FROM YOUTUBE/PEAR VIDEO

A four-year-old girl left at home alone got her head stuck between balcony rails in China’s Fujian province on Saturday (July 15), Chinese media reported.

A video of the incident, shared widely on Chinese social media, shows the girl dangling from a balcony on the fourth floor, with her head stuck between two rails.

A neighbour is shown climbing precariously onto the ledge, lifting the child up and trying to push her to safety.

The person taking the video is heard making a call for help, Hong Kong news site reported on Sunday.

The incident, which occurred in Fujian’s Fuzhou city, drew praise from netizens for the neighbour’s efforts.

Facebook user Homy Ho wrote: “Many thanks to the brave uncle who changed the outcome of this incident!”

Sum Leung wrote: “He did a good deed. He will get a good reward.”

Others chastised the girl’s family. One commenter named Lao Zhao said in the comments section of Chinese news site “Where are the adults in the family?”

Another person, identified as Mai Mai Fei, wrote: “Applause for the uncle! But the family is too irresponsible.” – AFP

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