Pattaya restaurant owner murdered in Amsterdam

Monday afternoon in a house on the Ceintuurbaan the lifeless bodies in Amsterdam found the Jomtien living in Amsterdam Pieter Hoovers (54) and his Thai wife Tae (33).

Two people were found murdered in an apartment on Ceintuurbaan in Amsterdam on Monday afternoon. Local media sources identify the victims as 54-year-old Pieter Hoovers from Amsterdam and his 33-year-old wife from Thailand.

Hoovers has been living in Thailand for years, according to Het Parool.

The police went to check the home around 1:30 p.m. on Monday after concerned friends reported being unable to reach Hoovers for several days. ‘Given the circumstances, the police are assuming a crime,’ the police said in a statement. According to the newspaper, the victims were ‘killed with violence.’

Hoovers owned a Dutch food bar called Hoek van Holland in the Thai sex tourism town Pattaya since 2002, according to the newspaper. There he sold Dutch food like kroketten, meatballs and peanut butter.

He and his wife were visiting Amsterdam for a few months after a holiday in Ibiza. In the Dutch capital he was a well known face in the music world and in martial arts.

According to Het Parool, Hoovers also had contact with Amsterdam criminal John Mierement, before he was assassinated in 2005. – NLTimes

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