Another British tourist injured at Thailand waterfall

When officials reached him Mr Greenhoff had not eaten for three-days

A British tourist, who had been missing for three days on Thailand’s Samui Island, has been found badly injured at the foot of a waterfall.

38-year-old Gerrard Greenhoff was found after locals reported an abandoned hire motorbike parked near the path leading down to Khun Si waterfall and police traced the plates to a local bike rental company.

Suspecting the tourist could be in danger officials and medics launched a search party at 2.30pm, Friday.

The rescue team took two-hours to negotiate the difficult, steep trail but eventually found Mr Greenhoff laying under the waterfall, unable to move and with a badly broken leg.

He received emergency treatment at the scene and was then lifted to Thai-International hospital of Samui.

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When rescuers reached Mr Greenhoff he was exhausted and had not eaten for three days.

As Khun Si Waterfall is an isolated sport, and difficult to reach, tourists rarely visit which explains why Mr Greenhoff was not discovered earlier.

Mr Greenhoff is now receiving treatment at the hospital. – BangkokJack News Team

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