Leg broken during traditional Thai massage in Pattaya

Initially the owner of the shop promised to pay for the treatment but he has since reneged on this.

The family of a woman who had her leg broken while having a traditional Thai massage have gone to the media for justice after the owner of the shop went back on a promise to pay her bills.

Kapook reported that 59 year old Pimyanee Thanwongsakun had visited the shop in Samet district.

The massage was done by the male owner of the shop, a man called Thanaphop Klachingchai, 50.

Pimyanee’s daughter Saranya, 25, told reporters that in the course of the massage Thanaphop broke her mother’s right leg near the knee. She had to go to hospital to have it pinned and needs further urgent treatment.

Initially the owner of the shop promised to pay for the treatment but he has since reneged on this, said the daughter who added that a complaint had been filed with Samet police in the matter.

Pimyanee was a regular visitor to a massage shop but this washer first time at this particular establishment, said Kapook.

Thaivisa notes that the kind of massage advertised by the shop is referred to as “jap sen” in Thai and can involve considerable pressure being exerted. Source: Kapook & ThaiVisa

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