Singapore hang drug trafficker at dawn

Prabagaran was sentenced to death in 2014 for importing 22.24g of diamorphine into Singapore.

Drug trafficker Prabagaran Srivijayan was executed at dawn in Singapore on Friday (July 14). The Malaysian, who was convicted of drug trafficking in Singapore, was hung to death at the Changi Prison at 6am, according to We Believe in Second Chances, a non-governmental organisation.

“The family is collecting his body now,” the NGO’s co-founder Kirsten Han told The Star Online on Friday.

The Singapore Court of Appeal had on Thursday dismissed an application by Prabagaran’s lawyers, saying he had already received due process and the application was an “abuse of process”.

‘To put it plainly, what (Prabagaran) is seeking to do is to delay the judicial process indefinitely,’ said Judge Chao. ‘To allow such an application would only encourage convicted offenders to impede and protract the course of justice by commencing proceedings in overseas courts or tribunals. This should not and cannot be tolerated.

‘There comes a point, after the appeal process has been completed and the application for review has been decided, the legal process must recede into the background and give way to the search for repose,’ Judge Chao added. ‘Difficult though it may be, (Prabagaran) must accept that that time has come.’

His lawyers had contended that he still had an appeal pending in Malaysian courts, where lawyers had filed an application to compel the Malaysian government to take his case to the International Court of Justice amid concerns he did not get a fair trial.

Prabagaran was sentenced to hang for trying to smuggle a form of pure heroin into Singapore in April 2012.

The Malaysian, who was working in a petrol station, was arrested at the Woodlands checkpoint in April 2012 for possession of 22.24g of heroin, which were found in a black bundle in the centre armrest console of the car he was driving.

He had said that he borrowed the car from a friend to enter Singapore that day because he was afraid that his motorcycle would be repossessed. – BangkokJack News Team

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