Video: Man rescues boy hanging by his neck

Chinese man risks life to save boy, 4, dangling by his neck from window grilles

A four-year-old boy in eastern China whose head became stuck between window grilles has been rescued by a daring neighbour, according to Chinese media,

The man, Li Jinbin, was woken by his father at 7am last Friday in Yujiang county in Jiangxi province and told that a boy had slipped through window grilles outside a second-floor flat in a building across from theirs and appeared to be hanging by his neck, the news website reported.

“On closer look the boy seemed to be trapped by his chest,” Li said. “I immediately grabbed my cotton quilt and rushed downstairs in case he might fall down.”

Several other neighbours rushed to the flat where the boy was living but they could not open the door. It appeared that no one else was in the flat.

Li saw that the boy was beginning to slip through the grille until only his head was stopping him from falling. Fearing the boy might choke, Li climbed from a nearby window and carefully moved himself to the sill beneath the child and used his arms to lift the boy.

At the same time, other neighbours called the fire brigade and a repairman to unlock the door.

After 20 minutes, the door was opened. Other neighbours used crowbars to widen the spaces in the grille to allow them to lift the boy back into the safety of the flat.

The report said the boy’s parents arrived at the scene later and explained that he was staying with his grandparents in the flat for the summer holidays. He was trying to see if his grandparents were in the garden and accidentally fell out from the window.

The report made no mention of what had happened to the grandparents nor why he had been left alone. – SCMP

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