Video: Drunk Aussie carried off Bangkok to Sydney flight

Flight crew were unable to handle the drunken passenger (Library image)

An Australian man has been carried off a Qantas flight from Bangkok to Sydney after allegedly drunkenly arguing with a crew member.

The man was handcuffed and carried back into the terminal by six security guards holding his arms and legs.

A witness told 9NEWS the man appeared to be intoxicated.

The witness said passengers on QF24 were forced to disembark before the man was carried off.

Video – Six security guards needed to carry ‘drunk’ man off Qantas flight

They were forced to wait three hours before returning to their seats.

Footage of the incident shows other people in the terminal cheering and applauding as the man is carried past.

“Qantas Flight 24 operating from Bangkok to Sydney was delayed by approximately three hours after an intoxicated and disruptive passenger repeatedly failed to follow crew directions shortly after boarding,” a Qantas spokesperson said. –

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