Arrest warrant issued for German who is already under arrest

Picha Nampadung had been missing since july 1st

Phuket provincial court on Tuesday issued a warrant for the arrest of a German tourist – the day after he was arrested on charges of premeditated murder and cover-up of the crime.

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35-year old Nico Papke was accused of killing his Thai girlfriend, Ms Patcha Namphadung, 35, and dumping her body wrapped in blanket into a forest ravine in Phuket.

The suspect is now being hospitalized at Wachira Phuket hospital after he slashed his throat in an apparent suicide attempt to escape police arrest.  His condition has reportedly stabilized.

Police said that they could not serve the arrest warrant on Papke yet because he was still unconscious, but they would coordinate doctors at the hospital to get updates of the German’s condition.

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Forensic police examined a whiteToyota Vios that Papke rented from car rental service and found blood stains in the car’s boot. Samples of the blood were taken for DNA test to compare with the DNA taken from the victim’s body.

Police also took fingerprints from the car to compare with Papke’s fingerprints.

The victim’s elder sister, Mrs Bang-oen Onkorat, who was invited by police for interrogation told the police that the victim knew the suspect about 3-4 months ago and she only recently found out that there were lovers. – Bangkok Jack News Team

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