Another tourist suicide in Pattaya

His body was lying on the bed, with a charcoal stove, a pan and some ashes at the end of the bed.

A Taiwanese tourist has been found dead in a rented room in Pattaya, Chonburi Province, late on Tuesday afternoon.

Police officers, who were called to investigate a foul smell coming from the room, found traces of burning charcoal and ashes at the foot of the bed.

This has led them to conclude that the 47-year-old foreigner probably committed suicide. His body was lying on his bed, with a charcoal stove, a pan and some ashes at one end.

There was also a neatly hand-written note that began with I am sorry.’

Officers broke into the room after neighbours reported the man had not been seen for several days and that there was a foul odour in the air.

The man had stayed there for two-months and there used to be a roommate, who had left a few days earlier. The nationality or identity of the mystery roommate has not been released.

The body of the deceased man has been taken to the Institute of Forensic Medicine for an autopsy and will then be filed under the tag, ‘another foreigner suicide, case closed.’ – Bangkok Jack News Team

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