Thailand killing may have been politically motivated

The car in which former teacher Abdul Kodeh Jaetae, 42, was shot dead bi military weapons in Rueso district, Narathiwat province, on Monday. (Photo by Waedao Harai)

A former teacher was shot dead on Monday in his car in Rueso district after surviving three attempts on his life earlier.

District police were reported at 8.30am of the murder on a road in Salow village, tambon Rueso.

They found a silver-coloured Daihatsu car with Malaysia’s Kelantan licence plate hitting a roadside electricity pole. Blood traces were seen on a seat and the wheel. Bullet holes from military weapons were seen on the driver’s door, windshield and the rear of the car.

They found five spent AK-47 shells and three shotgun shells on the road.

The victim was Abdul Kodeh Jaetae, 42, of Moo 7 in the tambon. He was formerly a contracted teacher at Ban Tanyong School in the tambon. A doctor was asked to perform an autopsy at the scene because the victim’s relatives refused to send the body to the hospital.

An initial investigation found the ex-teacher left home for the Rueso market. When he reached the spot, at least two killers hiding on the roadside fired shots from AK weapons and shotguns at his car, causing him to lose control and hit the power pole.

They checked to make sure he died before fleeing into the woods behind the village.

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Police assumed the motive was personal or political as the victim used to run for local office. However, they did not rule out insurgency since he had survived three attempts on his life.

The area is where insurgents are active and they might suspect him of siding with government officials, the police said. – Bangkok Post

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