The rise of the African sperm bandits

Makoni, in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, where man was abducted (File image)

Male teacher drugged and sexually abused by FEMALE rape gang in the latest shocking ‘sperm bandit’ case in Zimbabwe

The man was abducted from Makoni, Chitungwizathen, before being dumped by a roadside after his two-day ordeal

The man was then dumped by a roadside and left for dead after his terrifying two-day ordeal, it was said.

The sickening episode in Zimbabwe has the hallmarks of an attack by “sperm bandits” – gangs of women who prey on hitchhikers and other travellers.

They then sexually assault them and sell their semen for “good luck”.

The 39-year-old man is reported as saying he was offered a lift in a dark blue BMW driven by a man while waiting at a bus stop around tea-time.

Three female passengers offered him a soft drink which left him dizzy before he fell asleep.

He reportedly woke up the following afternoon in a small dark room with severe bruising on his genitals. Cash was also missing.

Two women then came in and demanded intercourse, according to sources quoted by the Standard.

One threatened to shoot him with a gun when he refused, before the pair tied his hands and forced him to drink a bottle of juice, according to the report.

One of the women stripped and fondled him before having intercourse with him. The other woman then did the same.

The next evening – 50 hours after he was abducted – the unnamed man was bundled into a car and driven for about 20 miles before being dumped on a gravel road, the paper claims.

Cops reportedly said they were trying to track down the suspects and the BMW which had South Africa number plates.

The victim, who teaches in Macheke, was said to have been picked up in the Makoni area of Chitungwiza, and is now stable in Wedza Rural Hospital.

So-called “semen harvesters” first made headlines in 2011 when they pounced on motorists on a road between Gweru and Harare.

Three women were arrested with 31 condoms full of semen after they were caught at a roadblock.

Last year three other women reportedly abducted a man in Bulawayo and forced him to have sex with them before scarpering with his semen.

And in February, another teacher was reportedly kidnapped, drugged and gang-raped by four females on his way to Bulawayo. – AP

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