Thai woman bitten on the ass by toilet snake

Nightmares - As she was sitting she felt a stinging pain in her rear and jumped up in horror to see a large python head emerging from the water.

A Thai woman who was bitten on the rear end in her toilet by a large python has gone to the media to complain about her expensive housing estate.

Food company executive Phanarat Chaiboon, 42, was left terrified and covered in blood after an experience last week that cost her a night in hospital and left her with medical bills of 18,000 baht.

But it was not an isolated incident.

An even bigger python appeared in the toilet bowl just a few days later. Her 15 year old daughter said enough was enough and left home to stay with relatives saying she could stand the fear no longer.

The drama has been going on at the housing estate in Taling Chan, Bangkok, where the properties are worth anything from 8 to 30 million baht each.

On Monday last week Phanarat told Thai Rath said that she went into her downstairs loo under the stairs to do her business. As she was sitting she felt a stinging pain in her rear and jumped up in horror to see a large python head emerging from the water.

She slammed the lid shut and covered it with a heavy object then drove to Phayathai 3 hospital covered in blood. Doctors there were unwilling to inject an antivenin as they were not sure of the species of snake so the security guard at the estate was phoned help out with his opinion.

Soon the news came back that it was a python and Phanarat was given urgent injections to stop disease as bites from pythons can become infected due to germs in their mouths.

She was kept in for observations and the bill along with subsequent injections topped 18,000 baht only some of which was covered by insurance.

The family – six in all – lived in terror of a repeat with no one brave enough to use the downstairs loo. That was until last night when 15 year old Gift – Phanarat’s middle daughter – went in to wash her hands.

She came running out in a panic as an even bigger python was slithering out of the toilet.

Gift refused to stay in the house a moment longer and went to stay with relatives in Jaran Sanitwong Soi 37 to recover from the shock.

Now the family have called in the media to make the estate do something about the problem that is wrecking their lives.

They say that there is a cavity under the houses that is infested with snakes and other creatures.

A while back a large water monitor crawled into their garden but the snakes are really the limit, they said. – ThaiRath & ThaiVisa

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