The day CNN shot themselves in the head

Multiple errors in judgment have plagued CNN

Last Sunday President Trump tweeted a video of himself, in a professional wrestling arena, body-slamming a man to the floor.

It was a real clip, filmed in 2006, but an American teenager had superimposed the CNN logo onto Trump’s victim’s face. The lad just thought it was a funny thing to do.

Trump saw it and he thought it was funny too. So he tweeted it to his 34 million direct followers and millions more people also thought it was funny. Everybody thought it was funny.

Ha ha ha, that’s funny – move on

CNN, on the other hand, didn’t think it was funny. They went beserk. And that has just made us all laugh even more. Stop, stop – enough now……

One CNN fraud, Brian Seltzer, tweeted his indignity in response to his own handful of followers.

Smarting with fake hurt CNN then set up a fake witch hunt. By Monday morning another fake reporter had tracked down the identity of the lad who made the clip.

They bullied him into taking it offline, deleting other posts, apologizing, renouncing his ways and pledging to be a good boy in future.

Which was a clear breach of the First Amendment, the lad’s right to free speech. As far as CNN are concerned this unnamed teenager’s freedom of expression does not extend to making fun of CNN which, frankly, should be everybody’s right.

Not only is it a right, but making fun of CNN should be everybody’s constitutional duty. For those of us living in a country without a constitution, it is our civic duty.

CNN then curiously announced that they ‘reserved the right to reveal the unknown prankster’s identity’ if he digressed again in the future. Which, to most right-minded people, sounded like bullying and blackmail, which is also against the law.

‘Do as we say or we will publicly destroy you’ was the clear message from CNN. It was a move akin to setting their own hair on fire, or shooting themselves in the head. Just who the hell do CNN think they are?

The already ridiculed, publicly disgraced fake news organisation once again couldn’t have got things more wrong. Who on earth is advising them?

Cue the tirade of abuse and mockery online, usually coupled with a challenge to the great Fake News CNN Network – come and bully me too…

You couldn’t make this stupidity up. Is their world so fake that everybody in it has no idea what is going on outside it?

Like playground bullies CNN thought theirs would be the last word. ‘You’ve heard me, I’ve told you now and that’s the end of it. Do it again and there will be BIG trouble.’

Are they insane?

Doing nothing at all would have been better. The original Trump clip would have been forgotten all about during the 4th July festivities and the whole world would have moved on, after a chuckle or two at CNN’s expense.

Instead, now they have created a world-wide industry in making fun of CNN. YouTube and social media networks are full of people mocking CNN whilst the rest of the world is laughing at them.

And people won’t stop now. CNN are reeling and decent people will now keep hitting them until they fail.

‘I want to see CNN go down like Gawker,’ wrote one user, posting to a pro-Trump Discord channel called Centipede Central.

‘Fight the FAKE NEWS with all of your strength and all of your wit,’ wrote another user.

Whatever little credibility they once had has now long gone. Which advertisers would want to be associated with the Fake News CNN after their current commitments run out?

Soon they will be gone, or rebranded as something else and the purveyors of Fake News such as Seltzer, Dom Lemonhead and all the other frantic morons they employ will be struggling to get jobs as commision-only stringers.

They are taking their channel from the toilet and down the drain because they just didn’t know when to stop.

And it serves them right too. – Winston Smith, media Correspondent.

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