Russian woman survives 4-storey fall through 7/11 roof in Pattaya

Store clerk Siripong Khachaiphum, 19, told police he was checking inventory and shelving goods in the back storage when the woman fell through the roof right next to him.

A Russian woman has managed to survive a fall from the 4th floor of a building after crashing through the roof of a 7/11 store in Pattaya

A nineteen-year old store clerk, Siripong Khachaiphum, later told police officers that he was in the back store-room counting stock when the woman came straight through the roof and missed him by inches.

‘I was in complete shock and ran out of there to alert fellow workers to call police,’ he said.

By the time police officers and medics arrived the 37-year-old woman was being looked after by her husband and son in the Moo 10, Pattaya Park store.

It is reported that she has been seriously injured and was taken to hospital.

Officers investigating whether the woman was pushed from the building, or jumped, later established that neighbours had reported hearing a fight at around 3am at a fourth floor condo unit.

Minutes later the store clerk had been surprised to then find the badly injured woman laying at his feet. – Bangkok Jack News Team


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