Israeli arrested with weapons cache on Koh Samui

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The Thailand military on Saturday raided Israeli businesses and arrested Israeli business owner Nati Hadad, who runs the Koh Samui Search and Rescue Medical Center.

According to reports, Thai soldiers found several weapons – including guns and ammunition – during a search of Hadad’s clinic.

The soldiers also raided the local Chabad House.

On Saturday, Hadad’s brother Eliran published a video on the business’ Facebook page asking the public for help.

“Nati was arrested because people are trying to slander his name, and it’s not the first time,” the post read. “He’s been living in Koh Samui for seven years, volunteering to help people in Thailand during their times of suffering. He’s not doing anything illegal.”

“Nati needs your help. If we can’t come up with 100,000 shekels, he’ll be transferred to a Thai jail, bound hand and foot. His Zoza Bar was supposed to celebrate its official reopening, and there’s a clear connection between the bar and when Nati was arrested.”

The Bangkok Post reported that investigators also seized a .22-calibre pistol, 85 bullets, a bulletproof vest bearing the word “Police’’, three communication radios, two electrical prods, a volunteer police card from the Koh Phangan police station, a rescue volunteer card and other documents.

The Doctor Sam clinic in Bo Phut offered free treatment and was supported by donations.

Authorities said that only Israeli nationals worked at the five-bed clinic, which did not employ any Thai staff. They are investigating whether Mr Hadad had any medical training.

Mr Hadad told police that he rented the building to operate the clinic to provide medical treatment to compatriots who were injured in road accidents or suffering from illnesses. Treatment was free of charge but the clinic received donations, he added.

He said he also did other volunteer work, helping injured tourists and assisting police as an interpreter.

He claimed that the weapons seized in his clinic did not belong to him and he did not know who owned them. He said he had only a BB gun.

Police initially pressed charges of illegally operating a clinic and possessing ammunition and communication radios without permission. Public health officials plan to examine the medicines and other medical equipment.

Earlier, a foreigner living on the island had given police a video clip and images of men he claimed to be Israeli gangsters demanding protection money from foreign business operators on the island.

The men, some of them said to be from Chon Buri, were known as influential figures who intimidated other foreigners on the island, according to the victim.

Officers stand behind Netanel Hadad, 34, following his arrest at a clinic on Koh Samui where numerous weapons were also found. (Photo by Supapong Chaolan)


(Photo by Supapong Chaolan)

– Israel National News

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  • Firstly a .22 and 85 bullets doesn’t count as a weapons cache. Boxes of .22 ammunition are sold with 100 bullets in a box, or smaller boxes of 50 or 25. So this guy had the smallest caliber possible for it to be considered a firearm and out of a box of 100 he had fired 1 magazine of 15 bullets most likely at a paper target, bottles, or cans. 2nd the police vests were not bullet proof, they were just vests with the word “police” on them. And if he was actually a rescue volunteer the radios are understandable. If he was threatening people then yes he’s in legal trouble but news stories that hype things like this really make themselves look stupid and “non-credible” as sources of legitimate news.

    • clear and fair comment,but 22 cal will be a problem for him if found in his private room

    • Poccessing ammunition is not illegal. Possessing an illegal unregistered firearm and ammunition will get you in serious trouble especially if you are caught committing a criminal offense.

      • Amsterdam Sam

        The guy is walking around Thailand wearing a Flak Jacket with Police written on it. (You can see this clearly in his facebook videos.). Where does he think he is? Palestine?? The arrogance is astounding!

        He has posted photos of himself posing with Thai Police. My guess is he got too comfortable in his relationship with the Cops and thought he was protected. Unfortunately for him, Thailand doesn’t work like that and most Cops are even shadier than him.

        If he can’t come up with the $25,000 he is asking for on Facebook then he’ll be eating bug infested rice in Bank Kwang for the foreseeable future..

        I’m just surprised he hasn’t played the old “anti-semite” card!

  • le Peuple élu a aussi de la racaille dans ses rangs !!!

  • Good putt him in jail for life