Mystery over haunting ‘final CCTV image’ of backpacker found half-eaten by lizards on Thai ‘murder island’

Thai Police claim this is the final image of Elise Dallemagne before her death (Image: Viral Press)

Mystery surrounds the apparent final CCTV image of a backpacker found half-eaten by lizards on Thailand’s ‘death island.’

Police claim the haunting image shows 30-year-old Elise Dallemagne’s final moments yards from where her body was found.

But her mum Michele van Egten said the woman in the image appears too big to be her daughter and is not her.

Police released the CCTV image as a series of official claims surrounding the pretty traveller’s death are being questioned.

A hotel worker said just days before Elise was found dead she checked into a hotel under a fake name – and then fled when a fire broke out in her room the same night.

Police also claim Elise had also been involved in a ‘cult’ – and in the weeks leading up to her death had tried to commit suicide at a railway station.

Elise Dallemange (Image: Facebook)

Police say the grainy black and white shot released this week shows the back of a woman walking down a concrete path on Koh Tao, Thailand, on April 21.

Officers claim the image was taken at 9.03am outside the Poseidon Resort as Elise bought a speedboat ticket to travel three days later at 2.30pm.

It is not known what happened to the pretty medical science graduate between then and April 24, but police claim a second autopsy confirms she hanged herself.

Her body was found 200 metres from where she was apparently caught on CCTV, among rocks behind the Family Tanote Bay Resort on April 27.

Speaking for the first time since her daughter’s death, Michelle said: “That’s not Elise’s silhouette, she was much slimmer, that’s not the way she was walking.”

Michele is now due to meet with Belgian authorities including Belgian police on Monday at the Embassy of Belgium in Bangkok.

Michelle also disputes Thai police’s “attempts to discredit” her daughter by claiming she had previously attempted suicide.

Freedom Beach Koh Tao
Freedom Beach in Koh Tao (Image: Getty)

Officers claimed that Elise had tried to take her own life at a railway station in Bangkok on April 4 but was saved by others at the scene.

Michelle said: “I’m very hurt by this allegation. Elise seems to (have gone) alone to Bangkok one day, without taking her identity papers. That’s not Elise because she was always so well organised.


“She was found by the police at the railway station? She seems confused, they said she tried to cross the rails but she told the embassy she just was too close to the rails.

“She was suffering from dehydration and confusion that day and taken to hospital.

“The two friends of Elise came to get her. She was looking good they said.

“We still have so many questions about this.

“Elise never had such a kind of behaviour, she was always very strong.

“When I saw her by Skype on April 19 she was looking good and smiling a lot.”

Elise gave a different name and did not write down her passport number (Image: Supapong Chaolan)

Michele said there were still unanswered questions that have not been addressed by Thai police.

She wants to know where Elise’s mobile phone is.

It was initially said to have been found next to her body but has since mysteriously vanished.

Michele also said that if she had bought rope on the island, officers should be able to find the shop that sold it to her.


She added: “We can accept suicide if there is evidence to show it. But until now there has only been evidence to suggest otherwise.

“As parents we need to know what happened. We owe that to Elise and her family and her friends.”

Thai Police claim that a second autopsy showed Elise died from suffocation caused by a rope around her neck. They found there was no signs of a struggle and no signs that Elise had been raped.

Officers also probed neighbouring island Koh Phangan and housing linked to the Sathya Sali Baba spiritual movement Elise had allegedly been involved with.

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Speaking to Mirror Online, Raaman Andreas revealed that Elise was happy before her body was found in the jungle on the island of Koh Tao.

The spiritual mentor of the sect said that she had found “peace and solitude” while travelling through New Zealand for six months prior to her staying with them.

But a hotel claims Elise appeared to attempt to conceal her identity when she checked in to a resort days before her death.

A photo of the register at the hotel shows that she scribbled out her family name and replaced it with ‘Dupuis’.

According to a local bungalow employee, she arrived with a backpack and sought the cheapest room at 400 baht per night.

The worker, whose name was withheld, told detectives that Elise checked in at the Triple B Hotel on Mae Hat bay at about 3pm on April 19.

First she wrote her real name and family name in the guest register but refused to write her passport number as other guests had done, saying she would give the number later.

Then she scratched out her family name and replaced it with ‘Dupuis’.

It’s believed that a fire broke out in Elise’s room the night she checked in on April 19 and spread to three other rooms.

At that point she was said to have fled the hotel.

She was found dead a week later, about 2.5 kilometres away.

The death, which was only made public on Thursday, is the latest in a string of seven cases of tourists found dead on the island in the last three years – earning it the name “death island.”

Authorities have launched legal action against local news website the Samui Times for labelling Koh Tao “death island”.

Surat Thani governor Auaychai said officials are collecting more evidence before taking the case to the police station.

Koh Tao mayor Chaiyant Turasakul said: “The coverage damages the island’s reputation and we have to take decisive action not to allow foreigners or other people to attack our economy and the credibility of the country.”

But in a twist earlier this week locals speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Independent that the island is run by a powerful mafia that threatened to hang a Brit backpacker.

Sean McAnna claims local gangsters threatened to hang him and frame him for the murders of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller, who were found beaten to death in 2014.

Two Burmese men were eventually convicted of murder and sentenced to death, but some have claimed the pair were made convenient scapegoats. – Mirror

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