Simple traffic accident. So why do Thais want news black-out?

Expressway staff examine the debris at the two toll booths struck by an 18-wheel trailer truck loaded with iron pipes on Wednesday night. Nobody was injured. (Photo by Sutthiwit Chayutworakan)

SAMUT PRAKAN – A loaded 18-wheel truck truck hit two toll booths as it entered the Kanchanapisek expressway on Wednesday night, sparking a paranoid reaction from a toll booth official who tried to prevent news coverage of the incident.

Nobody was injured in the crash, but an official instructed reporters not to take photos and threatened not to allow them to leave if the images were not deleted.

The incident occurred at the Bang Kaew toll plaza entry to the Kanchanapisek expressway on the Bang Phli-Suksawat route in Bang Phli district around 9.30pm on Wednesday.

Damaged toll booths at Bang Kaew toll plaza in Bang Phli district, Samut Prakan. (Photo by Sutthiwit Chayutworakan)


The 18-wheel trailer truck was carrying a load of large iron pipes. As it entered through the third toll booth a pipe hit the booth and then a nearby automatic toll booth and a concrete pole, witnesses said.

The booths and the pole were extensively damaged. Fortunately, the employee manning the booth had gone to the toilet and was not inside it.

When a news crew arrived to cover the incident, an official ordered them not to take any photos or file a report.  No reason was given.

It did not prevent photos being taken.

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The official, who was not identified, threatened not to allow them to leave the toll plaza unless all images were deleted. The reason for his reaction remained unexplained. – Bangkok Post

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