Pattaya car smash caught on dash-cam

Horror dash cam footage reveals they are lucky to be alive

A video footage from a front car video camera captured the moment when a black Toyota Wish jumping red light signal and crashed into four other vehicles waiting for the green light.

The incident, which happened at 8.00pm on (July 5) at Ang Sila intersection on the inbound traffic lane of the Sukhumvit highway in Chon Buri province, injured several people in the damaged vehicles which included a sedan, two pickup trucks and a motorcycle.

Duty police inspector Pol Lt Col Wuthinan Namsaeng at Samet police station, said the Toyota Wish carries Bangkok licence plate and was driven by a man allegedly under the influence of alcohol.

Eyewitnesses told police that before the crash at the intersection, the car also rammed at a motorcycle at Bang Saen intersection, injuring two students on the motorcycle.

The driver then escalated his car to escape and then engaged another crash at Ang Sila intersection.

The driver was detained for breathe and blood tests. – ThaiPBS

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