Video: Dad ties boy to ladder and ‘ducks’ him as punishment

Dad dishes out medieval punishment for wayward son

A recent video showing a Chinese man dunking his son, who is tied to a ladder, into water as punishment has left netizens divided.

The incident reportedly occurred last Thursday, June 29, when the father decided to lecture his son after the 13-year-old committed a series of disruptive actions, according to Chinese media.

During a community square dance event on June 28, the boy had deliberately switched off the lights multiple times, after which the village committee requested that his father discipline him.

The next day, the boy suddenly hit his father’s head with a wooden stick while the father was reprimanding him.

Furious and agitated, the father decided to punish the boy by tying him to a ladder and dunking him into a nearby pond for about one minute and equivalent to abuse.

The boy can be seen struggling and begging for mercy multiple times, while the father repeatedly asks angrily: “Will you change [your ways]?”.

The village committee had since criticised the father for the brutal punishment, and advised him on proper methods of discipline. Meanwhile, the boy was comforted and received counselling on his behaviour.

According to a statement by the local police on June 30, the boy frequently stole money and domesticated livestock from other villagers’ homes. Once, in an argument with others, he assaulted them with rocks, including his own mother.

The police had investigated cases of his misbehavior many times, but could only enforce verbal discipline due to the boy’s young age.

Netizens who viewed the video were divided in their reactions, with some approving of the father’s ways while others deemed it too harsh. – AsiaOne

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