Video: Class act – Go Go Dancers slug it out in Pattaya

Classy Pattaya Go Go Girls slug it out in the street

As fewer customers come to town Thais inevitably turn on each other. After all, there is less on offer and more to fight for.

It was not an organized bout but a bunch of fighting Go-Go dancers went at it hammer and tongs in the middle of Walking Street yesterday.

However the impromptu Thai boxing match is unlikely to be what the TAT had in mind when promoting Pattaya as a top class sports destination.

A new girl in one of the area bars – Kamonwan Lapmala, 21, – was left with leg and arm wounds after four or five other dancers aimed fists and feet in her direction.

Police volunteers and an elderly tourist seemed unable to stop the melee as many other tourists got out their phones to record the late night action.

Kamonwan said she had only been at the bar two days. A fight had broken out in the bar but security put a stop to it.

However, after closing she was followed and attacked including by a woman in black who she had never seen before.

She later reported the matter to the Pattaya station before being sent to hospital.

Police said it was probably a “New Girl vs Old Girl” tiff and they said the victim should get a doctor’s report on her injuries before they decide what to do next. – TNews

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