Video: Chinese man jumps from bridge after monastery rejects him

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A video has circulated online in China of a man dressed as a monk attempting to kill himself by throwing himself off a bridge into a river.

The man’s fish farm had failed and he had also been rejected by a monastery when he wanted to enter as a monk, the news website reported.

The video shows the man jumping off a bridge in Yongzhou in Hunan province on Sunday after some of the heaviest flooding for a century, according to media reports.

The heavy rains and floods had destroyed the man’s business, reported.

Dressed in yellow robes, he is seen jumping into the water and disappearing, as passers-by watch.

He was later pulled out of the river by a search and rescue boat nearby and suffered no serious injuries, the news website reported

Some internet users had wrongly guessed that the man was praying for the floods to recede and had jumped into the water as a sacrifice.

The news website said the man had wanted peace of mind after the failure of his business, but was dejected by his rejection by the monastery and attempted to take his own life.

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