Thailand launches a nurse training program as society ages

Thailand could help themselves by not forcing nurses like this one to resign because her 'skirt is too short.'

As Thailand in 2018 will officially become an ageing society with the number of elderly people accounting for one-fifth of population and exceeding the country’s child population, the Supreme Patriarch Nyanasanwara Geriatric Medicine Institute on Monday launched a short training program to equip 150 nurses with the skills required to treat the elderly.

These nurses currently work at public and private hospitals that have a high number of elderly patients and it is hoped the training will result in them handling elderly patient problems more precisely.

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It is hoped the move will reduce the chances of the hospital suffering overcrowding, lower the number of in-patients and decrease the chances of patients revisiting the hospitals for the same issue.

During the training program’s opening ceremony at Bangkok’s Twin Towers Hotel, Dr Pannet Pangputhipong, deputy director-general of the Department of Medical Services, said only Singapore was experiencing a more dramatic rise in the elderly population than Thailand in Asia.

Pannet said it was necessary for Thailand to prepare for it becoming an ageing society.

He said as the elderly required different healthcare to other age groups.

However, Thailand’s persistent refusal to issue work-permits to foreigners may prove to be something of a stumbling block to any well-intended plans.

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