Man dies in a bid to prove gravity doesn’t exist

Chu Mi Goo

A man has died after jumping from a bridge in down town Beijing today in a bid to prove to his facebook friends that “gravity does not exist”.

Chu Mi Goo, 34 was known to psychiatrists in the area after multiple people had reported to authorities his strange behavior. Witnesses stated that Mi Goo would regularly pace through the streets ranting “Earth is flat” and “water always finds it’s own level” and “NASA means Deceive in Hebrew”.

Onlookers were horrified as Mi Goo leaped from the bridge during rush hour causing traffic in the area to come to a halt for several minutes as emergency services scraped his lifeless, brainless body off the ground 2,000 feet below.

Police searched seized several items from the basement of Mi Goo’s mothers residence where he had been residing, including a computer which technical experts examined and revealed that Mi Goo was an avid “flat Earther” (a person who believes Earth flat) and was a member of many Flat Earth groups on facebook.

Local media interviewed several of Mi Goo’s faceboook friends who remain defiant that “gravity does not exist”, Earth is flat”, “water always finds it’s own level” and “NASA means to Deceive in Hebrew”. – FlatEarthExperts

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