Chinese tourist raped, Bangkok cabbie arrested

A taxi driver who was alleged to have raped a Chinese tourist was not a real cabbie and the taxi license plate was a fake, according to Kanna Yao police.

The cabbie who was taken to the crime scene by the roadside of Kanchanapisek road in Klong Samwa for a re-enactment on Saturday (July 1) reportedly admitted to the Kanna Yao police inquiry officer that he raped the victim on the night of June 27.

According to police investigating report, the victim hailed the taxi driver on Nawamin road Soi 103 to take her to Soi Nuanchan 32 and she sat on the front seat next to the cabbie.

Once arriving at the crime scene near the Kanchanapisek expressway, the cabbie allegedly forcibly took away the victim’s mobile phone and threatened her with a knife to demand cash from her.

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Then he drove the car to an isolated point by the roadside and sexually assaulted her in his car.  After that, he dropped the victim near the scene and sped away. – ThaiPBS

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