Exodus as thousands of workers leave Thailand

Exodus - Now, who is going to replace them at the farms, factories and construction sites.

Thousands of Myanmar & Cambodian workers left Thailand on Friday via border checkpoints after being driven out of the country by new, strict employment regulations.

Reports reveal that 2500 were sent back to their homeland by Thai employers worried about hefty fines that the new law on foreign workers imposes. Another 2000 have been arrested and awaiting deportation for working without permits.

Taking effect from June 23, the Royal Ordinance on Foreign Workers Management threatens to fine an employer at least Bt400,000 per each illegal worker he or she hires.

“I don’t know why Thailand has decided to impose such heavy penalty,” a Myanmar official said on condition of anonymity as Myanmar authorities extend help to these desperate workers.

Hundreds of food boxes were handed out for free to help these migrants cope.

The official said, “I think such tough law runs against the Thai government’s policies to promote trade and investments”.

Muang Zhor, 25, lamented that he had paid a Bt3,000 brokerage fee but lost money for nothing.

Update – Thailand forced to reverse labor law as workers pour out of the country

“I was supposed to start working for a factory. But when I arrived there, the factory owner said he did not dare hiring me in the face of tough law,” he said.

Meanwhile factories, farms and construction sites across the country lay dormant as employers struggle to find replacement labour for manual work that Thais refuse to engage in. – BangkokJack News Team

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