Vietnamese woman stabbed to death in Korea

Many Viet girtls are choosing to marry Western men
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The elderly man claimed he was being mistreated by his son and Vietnamese daughter-in-law.

Police in South Korea have charged an elderly man with murdering his Vietnamese daughter-in-law.

The man, identified by his surname Kim, stabbed the woman while she was sleeping in an apartment in northern Seoul on June 2, The Korean Times reported on Tuesday.

Kim reportedly told police that his daughter-in-law, who migrated to Korea 10 years ago, and his son did not “give him money and treated him without respect”.

According to immigration data published by The Korea Times, 147,295 Vietnamese people were living in South Korea at the end November last year, accounting for 7.4 percent of all expats.

Media reports suggest that many young Vietnamese women from poor families meet their future South Korean husbands through illegal brokerage services.

Statistics show that almost 40 percent of those marriages end in divorce within five years. Some blame cultural and language differences for the break-ups, while others say they have been abused by their husbands and new families. – VNExpress

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