Aussie outrage over dead kangaroo prank

Australia outrage over kangaroo shot dead, dressed in leopard-print and holding bottle of booze
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A kangaroo dressed in leopard-print has been found shot dead on an Australian roadside tied to a chair and holding a bottle of booze, sparking outrage over the killing on Wednesday.

The animal, wearing a patterned shawl and propped up with the ouzo drink in its lifeless arms, was discovered in Melbourne’s northeast by a passer-by.

“The kangaroo had been shot at least three times, prior to it being arranged in the chair,” said Victoria state Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning senior investigator Mike Sverns.

“This is appalling and immoral behaviour,” Sverns added.

“It would have taken some time to stage the kangaroo in that position on the side of the road and we are certain that someone would have seen something, given the public area and traffic flow of this main road.”

In appealing for information, he warned that killing protected native wildlife was a serious offence with fines of up to A$36,500 (US$28,000) or 24 months’ imprisonment.

Investigators suspect the animal was killed at a different location and moved to the roadside, where a passer-by made the gruesome discovery. – AFP

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