Video: Westerner fights with Thai woman outside bar

The Facebook page identifies the man as a Mr Howard Zimmer.

A Western man was filmed attacking a Thai woman outside a bar in Rayong.

The incident occurred this weekend outside the Bottoms Up Bar in Banchang.

The incident begins when a woman appears to be shouting at the man.

The woman then slaps the man across the face.

The man, who had his arm around another woman then retaliates launching several punches at the woman, who tries to defend herself with what looks like a bar stool.

Another man then tries hold back the attacker who later receives a punch to the jaw for intervening.

The footage, along with pictures which claim to show the man were shared on the Khodhao3 Facebook page.

The Facebook page identifies the man as a Mr Howard Zimmer.

Accompanying the footage was a caption which read:

“I don’t care where you are from, but now you are living in my country.

That means you have to accept our culture and treat us respectfully, especially with women. Do you really think what you have done is acceptable?

Its not about how much money you have or how high your education was.

What makes you become a proper human is your moral and ethics, knowing what is right or wrong and treat everyone with respect.

Thats how you make people accept you!

I hope that you will confess and be responsible for your action like what gentlemen should do.”

It is not known if police are investigating the incident. – Thai Visa

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  • Are you fuckin kidding me? Western fight with a Thai woman? This is a fuckin Thai woman slap and kick a western guy! Idiot!

  • He probably deserves every single punch

  • Why did Thai Woman assaulted the man first but he should never hit back at a woman for Chris sake, I think they all in the wrong

  • I seen a Thai woman slap a Thai man one time while they were drinking. This guy was very nice to

  • He started it first by touching her buttocks. Look over the video, people.

  • Mysogynistic pricks

  • AGREE Derwin Marshall …..

  • Why didn’t he pay her first to pat her on the ass?

  • You muppets need to watch it closely. When he walks out, he inappropriately touches the Thai woman. She, quite rightly, reacts in the way that she did. He then goes overboard and it escalates from there. He started it by being a grub.