Video: How Thai society is ‘going to the dogs’

Thai society "going to the dogs" as Yaris road rage man attacks family in pick-up

A dash cam video from Thailand reveals the driver of a black Yaris reaching for a baseball bat after a minor traffic incident.

His target, a man with a wife and baby in his pick up truck, filmed the encounter as the wild Thai man smashes his bat into the truck.

Sensibly the driver pulls away and the incident appears to be over. However, within minutes the pick up was being chased by the Yaris driver before he was driven off the road and crashed into the back of a police car.

The child in the car can be heard screaming and crying as a result.

The driver later posted his dash cam clip onto a Facebook page and it quickly went viral around Thai Social Media networks.

The Yaris driver, who was later tracked down by police said, ‘It was the other driver’s fault. He hit my car and then tried to drive off.’

Unsurprisingly this idiot has been ridiculed by viewers and the poster of the footage, Aditwong Siriphonphakdee, commented ‘Thai society is really going to the dogs when this kind of thing happens.’

The incident is now being investigated by police.

The clip has received thousands of views.

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