Video: Fist fight in Hanoi, foreigner versus two vietnamese

A video that went viral on social media in Vietnam on Saturday captured an affray between a foreigner and two Vietnamese men.

A road accident in Hanoi on Friday turned violent as a foreigner was engaged in a fist fight with two locals.

A video that went viral on social media in Vietnam on Saturday captured an affray between a foreigner and two Vietnamese men.

The foreign man, wearing a black helmet, and a Vietnamese man in a navy blue T-shirt could be seen charging at each other despite onlookers’ attempts to disengage the two.

Shortly after, another Vietnamese man wearing black shades arrived on a motorbike and immediately jumped at the foreigner.

Though outnumbered, the bloodied foreigner refused to back away, but instead removed his helmet and continued the fight.

A young Vietnamese woman in a gold dress, reportedly the foreign man’s girlfriend, tried in vain to push her boyfriend away from the fight.

One of the Vietnamese men with tattoos covering his left arm also got a bruise around his right eye from the violent brawl.

Seeing him charging at her boyfriend with a brick in his hand, the Vietnamese girl stood in between to try to prevent the scuffle from escalating, only to be hit in the head by the furious local man.

Evoked by what he saw, the foreigner who had seemed to calm down picked up his helmet and charged at the two locals.

The fight only stopped when police arrived later on the scene.

According to the owner of the footage, the fight broke out on Friday afternoon on Tran Khat Chan Street near the intersection with Vo Thi Sau Street in Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi.

Witnesses reported that the tattooed man had accidentally run his car over the foreigner’s foot while the latter was stopping at a red light.

“[The foreign man] tapped on the car’s window, signaling the driver to back his car, but he drove forward anyway,” an eyewitness was quoted by local news site Dan Tri as saying. “Afterwards, one of the foreigner’s slippers was caught under the car’s wheel, so he hit the car’s rear mirror, but I’m not sure if the mirror was broken [from the hit]. Then the tattooed driver got out of the car and started the fight.”

Local police said on Saturday evening that all three men had been taken to the police station to write a report of the fight, Dan Tri reported

After calming down, the three had agreed to be reconciled with each other, a senior officer of Thanh Nhan Ward Police in Hai Ba Trung District said. – Tuoi Tre News

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