Tourist dies falling down Bangkok lift shaft

The elevator shaft in the Aspire condominium building. (photo via Facebook user Umaporn Sirivasinkul)

A Korean man has fallen to his death down an elevator shaft at a 20-storey condominium in Bangkok after a severe quarrel with his girlfriend.

His naked body was found at the bottom of a lift well at Aspire condominium on Sukhumivit soi 48 on Monday morning. Police said he was a 33-year-old South Korean tourist.

He and his girlfriend had stayed in the room of their Korean friend on the 8th floor during their Thai vacation,  which had a sad ending.

Police learned the couple had an argument and the boyfriend stormed out of the room naked. In a fit of anger he attacked the building, slamming the door of the freight elevator with a fire extinguisher until the bottom section of the door dropped open.

He tried to duck through the opening, and fell down the shaft, police said. – Bangkok Post

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