Heavy rain storms to hit Thailand this week

People have been warned to expect flooding this week - Library image

Heavy rains are forecast across Thailand this week with floods already reported in areas of the northeast. 

An extended bout of rain in Nakhon Ratchasima province resulted in inundation in several areas with authorities pointing out the situation was exacerbated due to garbage clogging drain pipes.

Some roads in urban areas are submerged under 30 centimeters of water with pot holes allowing flooding up to 50 centimeters. The roads are no longer able to be driven by personal vehicles with traffic building up across the province.

The Meteorological Department has reported storms and thundershowers will be seen in all regions until June 28, warning citizens to be wary at this time.

In Bangkok, Deputy Governor Chakkaphan Piewngam has inspected the construction of a concrete dam near Wat Ladprao, finding that it has progressed considerably and should be complete by the end of July. The completion will be followed by a dredging of the dam’s waterway.

The city is accelerated the construction of other dams along Khlong Ladprao but some contractors have pointed out drain pipes and power lines are impeding their work.

Once the dams are in place, expected in December this year, communities encroaching on the canal will be spoken to so that they will leave the area. – NNT

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