The wedding is BACK ON after families fall out over dowry

Boonsuan Wareesri, the father of the bride, talks to a reporter at his house in Phimai district of Nakhon Ratchasima province on Sunday. (Photo by Prasit Tangprasert)

NAKHON RATCHASIMA – A groom who on Saturday walked away with his relatives from a wedding following a dispute over the dowry, has agreed to pay for the expenses incurred and return to marry his girlfriend after the embarrassment has died down, claims the bride’s father Boonsuan Wareesri.

The planned wedding at Ban Phutsa village in tambon Rangkayai in Phimai district turned into an embarrassment after the groom, Adirek Chadachan, and his relatives arrived from Phichit province on Saturday to wed Benjaporn Wareesi in a ceremony at her house.

Ms Benjaporn’s family had asked for a dowry of 100,000 baht and one-baht weight of gold, but the groom and his family turned up with only 50,000 baht and the gold.

A dispute followed as the bride’s family wanted the groom’s side to come up with another 50,000 baht.

This prompted the groom and his relatives to abruptly walk away with the dowry, forcing the cancellation of the wedding.

Ms Benjaporn subsequently filed a complaint with Phimai police, demanding the bridegroom pay the expenses incurred from preparations for the wedding.

Mr Boonsuan, 51, said his family was sorry for what happened. The embarrassment was caused by a misunderstanding on the part of the relatives of both sides.

He felt very sorry for his daughter, an employee of AIS in Bangkok, who would have to face many people and reply to their questions.  Ms Benjaporn had returned to Bangkok to work, Mr Boonsuan said.

According to Mr Boonsuan, the two families held talks last night and managed to reach a settlement, with the groom’s family to provide compensation for the wedding expenses.

They also agreed to arrange a new wedding ceremony, which would be only a small one, after the situation had died down.

Both Mr Adirek and Ms Benjaporn insisted they they still love each other, he said.

“I would like to apologize to our guests and relatives for what happened so unexpectedly.  Please forgive us,” Mr Boonsuan said. – Bangkok Post

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