Penis rings deliver painful lesson

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PATTAYA: A 33-year-old man has learned a painful and embarrassing lesson after an experiment with penis rings went terribly wrong.

After-the-fact evidence


Identified only as Moss, the man had to seek help after the two rings he had attached caused the organ to swell painfully and he was unable to remove them himself.

He went to Pattaya City Hospital to see if the staff there could handle the consequences of his bold decision.

Doctors tried in vain to remove the rings and finally had to call rescue workers from the Sawang Boriboon Foundation to handle the delicate procedure.

The rescue experts used a small metal sheet to shield the organ and very carefully applied a cutting tool to break the rings open.

The relieved patient thanked his rescuers for their help and went away in considerably less pain than when he arrived. He did not tell them why he had put the rings on. – Bangkok Post

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