Massage parlour raided for under-age prostitution

Massage parlour raided for human trafficking and prostitution

A combined force of anti human trafficking, 191 Police and Choke Chai station police raided a massage parlour Lad Prao area in Bangkok last night and detained one man and three girls for questioning.

The place is located on Lad Prao Soi 55/3.

The man was identified only as Dew.

One of the three girls detained for prostitution charge was a 15-year-old girl.

The other two are under 18-year-old.

Pol Maj Gen Kornchai Klaiklung, commander of the Anti Trafficking in Persons Division, said the 15-year-old girl was also charged for human trafficking.

He said she is the daughter of a madam who used her name on Facebook as “Ms Poo” to lure girls into prostitution.

He said the raid followed complaint by a parent in Nakhon Ratchasima that her daughter was lured into prostitution by Ms Poo on Facebook.

Investigation led the police to the massage parlour in Bangkok where they found Ms Poo at the massage parlour, along with two girls they lured from the province.

He said the police are still hunting the madam to face human trafficking and prostitution charge.

The man, Dew, was also charged for supporting human trafficking as he was the one to ask Ms Poo to send girls to service guests at the massage parlour. – ThaiPBS

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