Video – Thai cops fail to catch up with speeding monk

Only in Thailand? High speed chase as cops fail to catch fleeing monk on a motorcycle!

Cops in Thailand fail to catch up with a speeding monk.

It is a video that falls into the category of perhaps “only in Thailand”.

Where else would cops with all sirens blazing be attempting to chase down a man of the saffron cloth in specs?

Apparently the monk had been repeatedly asked where he was going at a roadside stop and wouldn’t answer. Then he revved off.

So police gave chase.

The footage was posted online on the page “Look Seua Saman Prajam Ban” with the tagline “monk’s robes blowing in the wind”.

The monk escaped and police are not sure where to find him.

Thaivisa suggest looking in a local temple or two. – Source: TNews & ThaiVisa

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