Viral video: Thai man pulls a knife in road rage incident

Picture; Sanook

Thai social media was abuzz after a video of a road rage incident was shared online.

In two clips the incident shows dash cam footage from a journey undertaken by “Nirun Navas” heading towards Sakon Nakorn on Saturday evening.

In the first clip the driver hoots a man in a black pick-up who is veering dangerously to the right.

Upset by this the driver forces the other man to pull up in the right hand lane by stopping right in front of him.

He then gets out with a knife pointing it at the driver behind in a threatening manner. He has his wife and son beside him as he brandishes the knife.

The dash cam car is reversed to avoid confrontation while the knifeman gets back in the cab with his family and drives off.

The poster of the clip asked for Phang Khon police to take note while condemnation was rife on Facebook with most of the public demanding the knifeman’s arrest.  Source: Sanook & ThaiVisa

Posted by Nirun Nivas on Saturday, June 17, 2017

Posted by Nirun Nivas on Saturday, June 17, 2017

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