Man posing as a ‘magician’ molests dozens of women

'Magician' molests dozens of women's breasts in broad daylight by telling them he could make a coin go under their bras

A bogus magician has been accused of molesting women after he posted a video of himself performing a magic trick on multiple women’s breasts. 

The man posted the video on June 14 showing him placing a coin on women’s breasts and claiming he could make it go under their bras.

Local police were alerted following complaints from web users.

The 26-year-old man, surnamed Xu, posted videos of himself performing tricks on Youku, a multimedia sharing platform.

Footage of a fake magic trick was shared online on June 14, showing Xu approaching seven women individually, telling them he ‘is about to perform a magic trick’ while on a pedestrian shopping street in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

Xu first asked the women to check if the coin is real.

Then he told them to stare at the coin as it goes.

He placed the coin on the woman’s breasts and claimed to be able to make it go under the garment.

Few of the women appeared to be shocked as Xu placed his hand on their breasts.

‘Does it have to be on my breast?’ said a woman in white bralette top.

The women were told to stay still until he let go of his hand.

As the trick was about to end, Xu dropped the coin on the floor and pretended to be failing the magic.

Jinjiang Police Bureau released a statement yesterday, explaining that the video had caught their attention as they had received complaints from web users.

Xu and his 31-year-old cameraman, surnamed Zhou, were arrested for “picking quarrels and provoking troubles” and will receive a 14-day detention as a penalty for their crimes. – Mailonline

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