99 women arrested in Singapore for vice activities

Library image of previous raid

The police have arrested 99 women – aged between 22 and 43 – in a four-day anti-vice operation.

The women were nabbed for their suspected involvement in vice activities, police said in a statement on Monday (June 19).

During the operation, coordinated raids were conducted at multiple locations islandwide, including hotels and residential units at Geylang, Serangoon Road, Balestier Road and Woodlands.

Officers from the Criminal Investigation Department and the six police land divisions took part in the raids.

Investigations are still ongoing against the suspects.

The police said they will continue to take tough enforcement action and clamp down on vice activities. Those found assisting in such activities will be dealt with severely.

House owners who rent their premises to a person for vice-related activities can be jailed up to three years and/or fined up to $3,000.

Subsequent convictions can see jail terms go up to five years and fines increased to $10,000. – Straits Times

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