Young Chinese couple die in a hail of bullets in Trinidad

Young Chinese couple shot dead with ‘high-powered weapons’ in Trinidad

A young Chinese couple were shot dead outside their apartment in the tiny Caribbean state of Trinidad and Tobago, the Trinidad Express reported.

Police are still investigating the motive for the killing of Shirui Zhao, 32 and Yanli Gu, 30, on Thursday night. They ran a members club and a casino in the town of Marabella, according to the Trinidad Express.

Two men in dark hoodies armed with high-powered weapons shot the pair while they were seated in Zhao’s black Toyota, the newspaper said. Local police recovered more than 75 spent shell casings at the scene, it said.

Investigators said the victims were being escorted to the apartment by armed security guards. But when the attack began, the security vehicle sped off.

The driver of the security vehicle was quoted by the newspaper as saying he was unable to fend off the attackers with his handgun.

The newspaper said the victims were specifically targeted by the killers, and the attack was not a random robbery attempt as nothing was taken from their vehicle.

Investigating officers were talking to members of the local Chinese community but were facing difficulties in communicating and they were reluctant to talk, the Trinidad Guardian reported.

“They are very tight-lipped. No one is saying anything,” an unnamed investigator was quoted as saying.

The Chinese embassy in Trinidad said on Saturday that two Chinese nationals had been shot to death, without naming the victims.

The embassy statement urged the local police to apprehend the killers and protect Chinese nationals in the country.

It said embassy officials were in touch with the victims’ families, and called on local Chinese to be vigilant over about safety.

Another Chinese couple were kidnapped and reportedly killed by Islamic State last month. – SCMP

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