Parent secretly records ‘tea money’ bribe at famous Bangkok school

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Office of the Basic Education Commission (Obec) head Karun Sakulpradit has ordered a probe into allegations that a senior officer of a Bangkok school asked for tea money of 400,000 baht from a parent in exchange for accepting the student.

Mr Karun said Sunday, “I have not received any formal complaint. But after I saw the news, I asked the director of the Secondary Education Service Area Zone 1 in Bangkok to set up a panel to investigate the case immediately.

“Obec lawyers will also participate in the probe. If the probe shows the claims are true, I will pursue disciplinary action against the person.”

Mr Karun was referring to a video clip which was circulated by a parent who gave the money to a senior officer at a school on Rama VI Road in order to have his child admitted to Grade 7.

The clip showed a parent handing cash to a man in his office. The parent recorded every moment of contact from talking to the person over the phone to setting up an appointment and later bringing the money in a brown envelope to the school. He gave it to a person there who was believed to be a senior ranking officer.

Other parents said there were many students who had to pay to get a seat in the school. – Bangkok Post

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