6-year-old saves mum from Ya Ba crazed rapist

Picture: Thai Rath

A six year old boy ran for help as a would be rapist attacked his mother after they arrived home in a car after shopping.

“A”, 36, was parking in the car port of her house in Samet, Chonburi, when the man, aged about 25-30 covered in tattoos, pulled open the driver’s door. He ripped her clothes and started grabbing her breasts.

But her son in the passenger seat realized what was happening and opened his door and ran off to alert neighbors.

The mother managed to get out the passenger door but the assailant ran round and continued the attack. He tried to kiss her but she bit his mouth,

He had ripped her underwear off and was sitting astride her when two male neighbors ran in to help.

The would be rapist managed to run off.

Police soon rounded up a suspect who fit the description and who was bleeding from a fresh wound to the mouth. He was named only as Montree.

He was charged with illegal trespass at night and attempted rape and detained.

Samet district police said he was high on Ya Ba.

The mother said after the attack on Saturday evening that her husband was out at the time.

She advised women in cars to always lock the door blaming herself for having the door unlocked when she arrived home from shopping making it easy for the man to get to her, reported Thai Rath.

Source: Thai Rath & ThaiVisa

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