All flights suspended at Stuttgart Airport over suspected imminent bomb threat

Several airplaines stand in the maneuvering area at Stuttgart airport, Germany, 30 May 2016. Photo: Christoph Schmidt/dpa

Two plane passengers have been taken into custody over fears they were about to carry out an attack, German media is reporting.

They were arrested at Stuttgart Airport, Germany, according to Welt newspaper, after a disturbance on board.

It has been claimed that a suspect package was found on a 180-seat Bulgaria Air plane which was due to take off at midday.

A federal police spokesman said: ‘During the routine departure check-out, a passenger told us that another passenger had threatened a bombing operation on the aircraft.

‘In ivew of the global political situation and the way in which the passenger met us, we had to take the threat seriously.’

According to another report there was an argument between three passengers which the crew regarded as a threat and police were called.

All take-offs and landings were temporarily suspended, but operations have resumed.

The flight to Varna is believed to have been evacuated and searched by police dogs and bomb disposal experts before being cleared to take-off – Metro

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